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Global Ax Solutions

Since our formation in 2004 AxPact has grown into a formidable organisation with over 35 of the world's best AX Partners working together to deliver over 1800 highly successful AX projects. Amazingly AxPact accounts for over 10% of ALL AX projects worldwide. One of the greatest benefits of AxPact is the open and transparent sharing of information between its members.

Because we all work together and do not compete, we openly help each other with solutions and enhancements to make Microsoft Dyanmics AX even more powerful and fit the exact needs of our customers.

The aim of AxPact Additions is to help AxPact members, customers, prospects, consultants and Microsoft employees understand the vast and encompassing range of AX solutions that have been developed by the AxPact community and our Partners.

For more information on AxPact at www.ax-pact.com

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Quality Control

All of the solutions and services within this guide meet the criteria set out by the AxPact Additions Quality Committee which stipulates that each solution:

  • Must have a proven track record with end user references.
  • Must be available in the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The above criteria means that all of the AX solutions within this guide are of the highest quality.

Moving Forward

We hope you have found the exactly what you are looking for and that the content and search facilities within this site have been informative and user friendly.

Finally, we are constantly evaluating new solutions that will add value and enhance the standard capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX.  If for any reason you have not found exactly what you are looking for or would like to be kept up to date with our latest developments please contact our Business Support Director Paul Blatherwick at additions@dynamics-pact.com.