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Repetitive type manufacturing

Vertical solution for repetitive type manufacturing companies

Industry Category

  • Manufacturing

Enhanced Functions

  • Manufacturing
  • Demand Planning

Solution Overview

Integris has implemented AX in some companies of repetitive manufacturing type. The machines are organized in production lines that manufacture products or families of products in rather medium-sized or big series. There are companies producing plastic pipes, insulation materials, plasters, wood boards, building systems for roofs and walls etc. They produce their products in big and medium series, where production orders last even few weeks. Finished items are registered every day and used materials as well, mainly on the base of backflushing. There is paperless environment, where information about planned production has to be accessible on-line as ergonomic as possible. We found some common problems regarding this type of organization, and developed set of functionalities, which help these companies a lot.

Functionality is used today in several factories throughout Poland, in AX installations with together almost 1000 concurrent users.

Key Features / Benefits

  • Central screen for production workers
  • Central screen for production planners
  • Division production transactions used in MRP by days
  • Allocation of stock counting differences to production orders
  • Overweights (for plastic pipes industry)
  • Parallel production orders (solution for co-products problem)
  • Interface to SCADA winCC system
  • Production orders in different units
  • Production reporting (OEE, OEU etc.)


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AxPact Member


AxPact Member



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AX Versions Covered

AX 4,AX 2009,AX 2012

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