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Dynamic Pay

Versatile and efficient international payroll

Industry Category

  • Education
  • General Business
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Telecommunication
  • Professional Services

Enhanced Functions

  • Payroll

Solution Overview

Pay staff quickly and accurately across multiple sites, regions and countries from a single, state of the art payroll software designed to work like and with your Microsoft technologies. Interpret and process pay accurately and quickly from any location. An international payroll platform that is multi currency, multi language and multi location. DynamicPay is a user friendly and wizard driven, modern payroll platform. A flexible architecture written in .Net and running on a SQL database it seamlessly integrates to Microsoft Dynamics. DynamicPay can also operate standalone as well as integrate to third party applications.

Key Features / Benefits

  • Employee Self Service
  • Access to selected pay information
  • Digital pay slips/ Pay stubs
  • Web interfaces
  • Workflow functionality
  • Improving reporting, analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Integration of HR, Payroll, ERP systems
  • Capable of handling international pay This provides for:
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Eliminates duplication
  • Streamlines the employee lifecycle - from recruitment to retirement.
  • Real time quality data

DynamicPAY has a unique architecture that enables country specific payroll localisation to be done in 2-4 weeks. Whereas the majority of payroll systems have country specific payroll and taxation rules written into code making it difficult and costly to provide different country versions. DynamicPAY is architected in a way that stores payroll localisation rules and calculations as parameter values so that country specific localisations can be customised comparatively easily.


Solution Info

AxPact Member


AxPact Member


South Africa

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AX Versions Covered

AX 4,AX 2009,AX 2012

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