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Construction and contractors industry

Better cost control, simplified administration and higher flexibility for your projects.

Industry Category

  • Construction
  • Utilities

Enhanced Functions

  • Financial Management
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise Portal
  • Other

Solution Overview

The construction and contractors industry faces a number of challenges and demands as the future work, living and communication environment develop.  Sogeti has a specially adapted tool for this industry based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. The system gives you better cost control, simplified administration and higher flexibility in the projects.

Projects get more and more complicated, more partners are involved and the demands on efficiency and profitability increases constantly. Dynamics AX provides the possibility of combining project planning with forecasts and results follow up. Current information is always accessible when needed, where decisions are being made - in the board room or at the construction site.

Key Features / Benefits

Dynamics AX gives complete support

Sogeti's solution for the construction and contractors industry supports the project completely, from bidding procedures to final inspection and project evaluation.

Project planning:

  • Integration with Microsoft Project¬† Server
  • Import of calculations from external systems
  • Flexible project structure, including handling of change and additional including breaking down into activities.
  • Handles all phases of construction projects, from calculation and offer to after sales.


  • Role based start page that gives a quick overview of the work tasks at hand
  • Many models for project accounting
  • Import of price lists (i.e. EIO) and discount letters from suppliers
  • Handling of discounts for customers
  • Complete support for Contract index E84 with possibility to weight index
  • Support for payment plans including handling of contained amount
  • Support for internal interest cost
  • Support to convert tax liability for construction services
  • Forecast adjustment of projects in web user interface
  • Time report via web or mobile adjusted according to the construction industries salary agreement models
  • Report of reimbursements and allowances for expenses according to Swedish regulations
  • Web based handling of service orders, complete registration and workflow.


We offer web based project follow-up with comparisons for sales calculation, production calculation, committed cost and result. Project follow-up and project evaluation with relevant business ratios are also provided.


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AxPact Member



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AX Versions Covered

AX 4,AX 2009,AX 2012

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