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DIAMOND – Document Information And Management on Demand

Document Output Management Solution based on BizTalk and SQL Server Reporting Services.

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Solution Overview

Use and profit from your existing Dynamics AX platform by implementing DIAMOND, the Output Management solution from Sogeti - and benefit from a cost effective way of producing and distributing reports.

Data in a variety of formats, from numerous systems, is used daily to produce printouts, mail, and sms. Output is stored and logged, made available, searchable and reprintable.

DIAMOND is integrated with the standard Dynamics AX AIF file formats but can easily be used with other systems via BizTalk.

Based on the SEAMLESS concept from Sogeti, created to maximize the advantages of users with several of the products in the Microsoft platform installed, several of these well proven products have been combined to form a solution to handle your entire information flow handling. The solution is called DIAMOND.

Existing platform

With the Microsoft software platform in place there are huge advantages, both in terms of license cost savings and availability of requested competence. The Sogeti Output Management solution DIAMOND is built upon, and increases the benefits of, the investments already made in Microsoft software.

Key Features / Benefits

Simple administration

The configuration of report destinations/printers, storage locations and language is easily performed through a SharePoint user interface. The built in authentication is used to control access of both administration tasks and stored reports.


The DIAMOND solution from Sogeti gives you a multitude of advantages:

  • Out of the Box integration to Dynamics AX AIF standard output formats
  • Business communication adapted to receivers requests
  • Flexibility towards future channels of communication
  • Structured common storage of reports
  • Possibilities to create views and filtering in SharePoint based on meta data
  • Search are possible even based on report content
  • Distribution and handling of attachments and reports produced by connected systems in formats like pdf, Word and Excel
  • Language configurable for each report/receiver
  • Logotype configurable for each report/receiver

Independent of how data is delivered, and in which format, the BizTalk integration engine is used to convert the data to the internal XML format. BizTalk adds configuration data like language, logos, email recipients and printers, all dependent on the settings of the specific report. The internal format created by BizTalk is used by the heart of the system, a WCF service (Windows Communication Foundation), to create the desired reports, using Reporting Services and its templates. (Reporting Services is a part of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later).

Data used to create the report is stored in a SQL database and the result is published, in a structure decided by the customer, on a SharePoint site. Depending on the report configuration the output is sent by mail, printed or stored.

Thanks to built-in functionality in SharePoint the reports are easily searched and reprinted. Access is controlled through SharePoint authentication and access rights. The schematic picture gives an overview of the solution and how it works. Contact us and we will tell you more!


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AxPact Member



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